Litup Channel Letters

Litup Channel Letters

Our most impressive way to show names, logos and more.
• The widest variety of materials to make a unique Sign
• Different thicknesses in the entire range of materials
• Clear and fading resistant printing: for indoor or outdoor use
• Any shape, size and finish for the best result.

With Raceway or direct to the wall

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Use our versatile and fading resistant 3D signs inside or outside the office.

High-relief 3D ads are perfect for shops, offices, reception areas and even building exteriors. The different materials used for its manufacture provide unique and beautiful finishes with long durability and resistance.

Configuration options
• Easy to drill and fix anywhere
• Our digital printing machines and CNC cuts allow us to offer almost any shape and perfect finishes in materials such as: Wood, Aluminum, PVC, Acrylic, Steel and many more.

Designing your custom Litup sign
• Choose a size that fits well with the design and dimensions of your space.
• Even with larger signs, use a limited amount of text to increase readability.
• Be sure to use high resolution logos or images to avoid a grainy appearance.

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