Custom Acrylic Cutout 3D Sign

Custom Acrylic Cutout sign
Custom Cutout Acrylic Sign

Custom Acrylic Cutout 3D Sign


Great for branding, in-office directions and more.
• Tough, clear 6mm .25 inch acrylic that looks like glass
• Drilled holes available for mounting
• Beveled edges for a smooth, professional look
• Turn your Logo into a 3D Elegant Sign

• They are printed directly to acrylic

Material Clear acrylic, Frosted acrylic, Black, White, Gold or Silver


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Our signs are an excellent and economical Full Color option Signs, they are easy to install, durable, light, and very attractive, they allow you to represent your logo in a perfect way, with their colors, washable and durable.


All of our logos are made with 3/16 “(4.5 mm), thick clear acrylic.
They are printed directly to acrylic with the original colors of your logo on the back of the acrylic so that the sign maintains the shine offered by the acrylic material.
You can also select the option of gold, silver, black or white acrylic, IN NONE OF THESE FOUR OPTIONS WILL THE SIGN BE PRINTED .

How to install it:

It is really easy and simple to install our Custom Cutout Signs, our Wall Signs already include adhesive tape.
You just have to place the template on the wall in the place where you want to paste the sign, do not forget to check that the template is perfectly level, then remove the liner from the adhesive tape and start placing each letter or figure inside the cut section. of the template equivalent to that piece, it must also be done with each of the pieces and in a few minutes you will have installed your sign perfectly, after that you will only have to enjoy it.

how to make a purchase order:

– Choose the size of your logo – design – letters
– Choose the type of material with which you would like us to make your logo – design – letters
– Send us your logo – design – text to our email, we will make a digital mockup of your design and send it to you for your respective approval, we will not start the final Sign until you approve our digital proposal, this digital mockup will not It will have no additional cost and is included in the price of any of the size and material options previously selected by you.

lead time & shipping:

– We ship via UPS ground, if you need expedited service, please let us know.
– We ship within 5 business days after digital mockup approval.

What will be included with the Sign order?

• Letters/logo made WITH ACRYLIC with double-sided adhesive tape to adhere to the support surface.
• Strong paper template that will serve as a guide for easy installation.

Other materials:

If you are interested in a notice made of any other type of material, please look for the different options that are available in our store.


A little (or big) sign can go a long way
• Display your business name and logo to tell visitors they’re in the right spot.
• Highlight meeting areas, open spaces or other office-related information.
• Decorate the office with company values, team photos and more.
• Set up your signs anywhere with our lightweight easels.
• Add wall clamps (all 1″ wide and 1″ tall) to your order to make hanging signs easier. (When mounted, each clamp covers less than half an inch.)

Drilled holes information
• Select “Yes” under “Drilled holes” to have your sign produced with pre-made holes.
• The middle of each hole is 1″ or 1.5″ from the edge of the sign. The diameter of each hole is 3/8″.
• With drilled holes, you can mount signs with stainless steel spacers. (See “Add accessories” section.)

Designing your sign
Designing your sign
• Choose a size that fits well with the layout and dimensions of the space.
• Even with larger signs, use a limited amount of text to increase readability.
• Make sure you use hi-resolution logos or images to avoid a grainy look.


Additional information

Sign Size

2 Sq/ft, 3 Sq/ft, 4 Sq/ft, 5 sq/ft, 6 Sq/ft, 7 Sq/ft, 8 Sq/ft, 9 Sq/ft, 10 Sq/ft, 11 Sq/ft, 13 sq/ft, 16 Sq/ft, 18 Sq/ft, 24 Sq/ft, 30 Sq/ft

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