Terms and Conditions


If the art / logo to be printed was approved by the client after having received the image with the digital simulation of how your article will be printed and you decide to cancel the order after having given its approval, there will be no refund.

If an order is not received well, either due to a typographical error or other problems, our policy of re-ordering and sending it through the overland shipping method will still prevail.

When an error has been confirmed, (following the “claims” instructions) we will do our best to redo the order immediately. We will process the order to redo exactly as originally requested, minus the mistakes we made. We will not change the product, logo, artwork or color of the print when we process the redo, unless we previously approve it.


Please send us your printing instructions in a timely manner.
The types of files that we can process for the printing of your article are the following: .jpeg. png. eps. .pdf .cdr and .ai

We need images of high quality and resolution, to meet the production and delivery times. , if it does not provide clean images of optimal quality, we will not be responsible for the resulting poor print quality. Any delay that may arise due to the lack of optimal images or the delay in the timely delivery of them will not be our responsibility.

We reserve the right to refuse the printing of any image that may be considered inappropriate, offensive, copyrighted or registered.